ExibitArt is the gallery of beautiful Indian art paintings collection

Since time immemorial Indian painters have created many a beautiful painting. Presently Indian paintings have secured a rich place in the world art. Indian native paintings have more than twenty genres. ExibitArt celebrates this diversity of Indian art paintings.

The earliest evidence was found in the rock paintings of pre-historic times, over the years various other forms have developed, owing to geographic locations and local culture and traditions.

Exibitart holds a wide collection of Indian paintings. Starting from the initial forms of Miniature paintings, Mural paintings, Mughal Painting, Madhubani Painting, Rajput Painting, Tanjore Painting, Kalighat painting, etc Exibitart encourages artists to develop all forms of Indian art.
indian women art painting

Folk art paintings and ExibitArt

In addition to the historic painting forms exibit art caters a wide variety of Folk art paintings. It has wide collections of Phad, Warli, Gond and Kalamkari paintings and also other indigenous paintings that have survived several years. Most of these paintings are already previous works of artists or even recent paintings of newcomers.

Religious paintings and ExibitArt

Religious paintings have been a part of Indian painters’ collection for centuries as well. Ganesha paintings, Durga paintings, Krishna paintings, Lakshmi paintings and Shiva paintings are popular even today. exibit art understands and knows how important these paintings are in terms of religious ethics and traditions. Exibitart, therefore, holds a huge collection of all types of religious paintings.

religious art painting canvas

This collection is surely a visual treat for art lovers. These paintings are becoming a best gifting option. Be it Ganesh Chaturthi, Navaratri, Diwali or any other festival they are highly looked for during any festive occasion. Exibitart makes it easier and more convenient for all to choose the best gift this festive season for their loved ones.

Apart from the specific genres Exibitart has a specially dedicated section showcasing paintings that are vivid and inter connective. Exibitart respects the effort and exclusiveness that Indian artists put in while paintings their imagination using various mediums.

Painters use canvas or paper using oil colors, water colors or even acrylic paints.
Oil paintings, acrylic paintings and watercolor paintings have been equally practiced and praised India. Exibitart had a special collection of visually appealing oil paintings, acrylic art and watercolor paintings.
Various types of wildlife paintings, landscape paintings, and nature-based paintings enrich this collection.
hot lady art painting acrylic

Abstract or the modern art has also emerged and developed itself in India in the recent years. With the growing popularity of this genre, the demand for such paintings is increasing. Professionals, in particular, are very keen about this collection as these paintings are excellent for decorating office walls.

ExibitArt encourages all Indian artists, both beginners and established artists equally, to showcase their work to all in order to facilitate trade and development of art.
The only criteria that Exibitart puts up are the originality of work. Exibitart never thinks twice before accepting any original paintings.

Choose your favorite painting from this rich gallery of beautiful Indian art paintings collection at a very affordable price, as exibit art believes in culturing art amongst all.

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