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Ganesha Paintings – An Ideal Gift for Various Occasions

Paintings are becoming a popular gifting option in the present days, more so, with an increasing number of art lovers. Despite a difference in preference and choice of paintings religious or paintings of deities have been both popular and favorite among the mass. In Hinduism especially paintings of various god and goddess are very common for their spiritual aspects. Among the various gods and goddess, Lord Ganesha has been the most painted and loved painting, by people of almost all age and profession. Lord Ganesha, is the symbol of power and good luck. Owing to spiritualism, Lord Ganesha is worshiped before starting almost every new venture.

Gift Ganesha Painting for Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha is believed to be fortuitous and thus religiously worshiped. So a painting of Ganesha is also considered to pious and lucky. The paintings of Ganesha is an ideal gift for any occasion. Be it a yearly ‘puja’, Housewarming, new year, Diwali or even a baby shower, one can gift a Ganesha painting as it will be welcomed with open heart owing to its inspirational aspect. Further, with Ganesh Chaturthi coming soon Ganesha painting is becoming even more popular as a gifting option.

Apart from its spiritual and religious aspects, Ganesha Painting had gained popularity for its aesthetic appearance too. Lord Ganesha, The son of Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva, has the face of an elephant and is popularly seen with sweets(Laddu) in hand. These features add to its popularity among the younger generation as well.

Ganesha Paintings are available in various base and color, be is canvas base or paper and be it oil color or watercolor. Artists use various color combinations and patterns to recreate Ganesha Paintings.

At exhibit art we have a huge collection of Lord Ganesha paintings to add up one’s own collection or to choose as a gifting option. Our artists have painted Lord Ganesha using various color combinations and designs to suit the preference of all. Also, various size options are also available. Visit our page to select your favorite painting to gift your near and dear ones, on the coming festive season.

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