The History of Abstract Art

Unlike other genres of paintings, Abstract art does not hold a history of being in practice since ages keeping aside calligraphy. This kind of art is rather a new form that has come into practice painting in the 20th century. The famous artist Fauves started the movement of art, where he developed a raw language […]

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Journey of Forest Painting

Forests have always been a very favorite destination of travelers. The lush greenery soothes the yes, while the solitude gives a chill down our back. They are also the habitat of a wide range of animals. Let however it be, forests are in one word “beautiful”. The images and visions of once visited forest remains […]

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History of Indian Paintings

I am long runner on this platform and understand the value of art, an art painting is not just about painting it is the reflection of our society and an artist gives a live view of it. An art show our history, an art show what is roundup in your mind, an art make you […]

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Best Paintings Size

What size painting sells the best?

Apart from the genre of painting, painting size is the second most important factor for its sale. Some prefer larger and bigger frames, while some like medium to small frames. It varies from person to person and from purpose to purpose. A painting that would be put up on a big gallery, will look good […]

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