Why are Paintings the Best Gift for This Durga Puja?

Durga Puja is one of the biggest festivals of India as well as abroad, at places..This festivity brings all near and dear ones together and closer. Gifts are exchanged widely during this time. Among all other gifts, this Durga puja surprise your dear ones with an offbeat yet beautiful gift of a painting.

Paintings are an excellent gifting option for the Durga pujas as-

  • They reflect aesthetics like nothing else. Paintings are an excellent way to decorate one’s room with. They not only look good, but also add on a cultural touch.
  • They reflect the religious sentiments. A painting of goddess Durga painting herself is an excellent gift for Durga puja. This painting will add a very emotional touch to the lives of people who are far away from home and not amidst the festivities of this country. A painting of Goddess Durga will create the ambiance of puja in the far away land.
  • Paintings will stay for years. So if you want your gift to last for years, then gift a painting this Durga Puja. Its presence will always bring back the remembrance of this good times of festivity.
  • Paintings will add a human touch. Durga Puja is a festival of togetherness when goddess Durga comes to her maternal home along with her children. Paintings will add up to this human emotion of togetherness. Especially paintings theme closer to such festivity, religious practices and showcasing the mood of homecoming. All these emotions get excellently reflected via paintings.

Paintings serve all these and many more purposes. They have remained as a very popular gifting option for centuries. It will definitely be a good though to express your love and bonding with your near and dear ones with a painting this Durga Puja. Our artists at Exhibit art understand the importance of Paintings as gifting options for the season of festivities.

Exhibit art thus has a huge collection, keeping exclusively Durga puja in mind. Choose from our wide section and collections of Durga Puja themed paintings and surprise your loved ones. Give us a call right away for all your needs.

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