About Us

Welcome to ExibitArt

Exibitart.com is owned by Exibitart  Artwork Services LLP. exibitart.com does not buy or own any of the artwork from the artist. It is indeed a platform to showcase artwork creations and acts as a mediator to collect orders of hand painted  paintings from customers through its  website.  In  return  of  the  above  service  we  charge a commission to the artist. We sell and promote only hand painted  paintings.  

upon receiving the order for the art pieces valued Rs.30,000 and below,  based on artist's confirmation the artist may be asked to hand paint the painting and send it to customer.

We have tried to make the entire experience from artists and customers point of view seamless.  This  is  a  simple  effort  to  provide  space  to  newcomers and experienced ones as well as provide customer a choice from our pool of collections to suit their taste, requirement and budget. This is an effort to increase the chances for an  artist  to  showcase  and  increase probability of getting his art work sold. Customer satisfaction and transparent dealing is our motto. We sell every form of paintings which are viable through our web portal including framed. 

We consider painting not only meager occupant of a space  rather they make the space more meaningful and livable.

A house of for wonderful Oil, Acrylic, Water color, sketches, Pastels paintings on Canvas, Paper, Board etc.