History of Indian Paintings

I am long runner on this platform and understand the value of art, an art painting is not just about painting it is the reflection of our society and an artist gives a live view of it. An art show our history, an art show what is roundup in your mind, an art make you live, an art may divert your path and I respect all artist which gives me a colorful life.


Indian paintings owe their origin to almost the pre-historic ages. The oldest evidence of paintings found date back to almost 5500BC. Places like Bhimbetka remains of “petroglyphs” have been found.

Even the cavemen were found to be active in paintings. The historic paintings were mainly rock-drawing depicting the livelihood of cavemen, hunting stories, signs, and symbols. With time the theme evolved to religious practices to a combination of a variety of cultures and traditions. The caves of Ajanta and Ellora, Kashinath Temple gives shreds of evidence of these.
radha krishan history painting

Next came the Six Limbs of Indian Paintings or Sadaga, mainly :
• Rupabheda
• Pramanam
• Bhava
• Lavanya
• Sadrisyam
• Varnikabhanga
These helped the development of Indian Paintings and enriched the art like never before.

Coming to the genres of Indian paintings- it can mainly be divided into two genres- murals and miniatures.
Murals being the large works executed on the walls of solid structures and Miniature paintings being the small-scale paintings, mainly done for books or albums on perishable material such as paper and cloth.

Various kingdoms and dynasties showed pieces of evidence of a rich collection of Paintings depending upon the taste of the reigning king. The Palas of Bengal, Mughals, various Rajasthani schools of painting like the Bundi, Kishangarh, Jaipur, Marwar and Mewar and Company paintings are great examples of this.

With time came many new genres of art. Independence and post-independence were an important phase in the development of Indian paintings. Artists like Jamini Roy, M. F. Husain, Francis Newton Souza, and Vasudeo S. Gaitonde have followed their instincts and led to the introduction of various new styles with economic independence and availability of new painting equipment.

Indian artists are presently continuing to develop art and painting and their works are gaining global recognition by leaps and bounds.

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