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Art Painting for hotels and restaurants

With the hotel and real estate business blooming more and more, the competition in the trade has increased many fold times. Good food and convenient location are no more the factors to keep in mind while opening a hotel or restaurant. The decor and ambiance play a big role. With the advent of themed restaurants and hotels, the interior decorations have changed drastically over the years. Less is more. So instead of plenty of accessories owners now invest in timeless pieces of art. A wall hanging or painting is the most preferred choices nowadays.

A vibrant canvas painting can light up the room like nothing else. Sometimes many religious paintings like that of Lord Buddha are often placed at the entrance of the restaurant depending on the theme of the restaurants.

Other popular choices are abstract paintings. abstract art of various colors maintain a harmony in the place and is often a safe choice. They add a touch of simplicity and elegance when placed in a hotel lobby and dining areas

Oil art is also gaining popularity with time. With more and more people taking interest in this genre, it is becoming a preferred choice. Graffiti and mural are the rising paintings for hotel lobbies and receptions.

Size and material of paintings generally depend on the space available. However, a single big painting on a big wall looks very attractive and beautiful rather than many paintings of smaller sizes. But again it depends on the theme and many other factors.

We at Exhibit art have a huge collection of paintings of all sizes, to fulfill all you need. Give us a call right away to decorate that wall of your restaurant or hotel.

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