A Trip Of Village Life Art Painting

Among the various art genres of forest paintings, wildlife paintings, religious paintings, historical paintings, love couple paintings etc major part of Indian as well as world painting comprises of nature-based paintings. This nature art and painting describes many a thing among which village life and its beauty shares a big portion. Mother nature can be experienced best at her most naive and un-altered condition.

Be it India or any other country, the countryside and villages have their own charm and beauty. The simplicity of villages have attracted artists for centuries and thus village and Village life have become a major genre of painting.

Artist all over the world has upheld various looks of villages. Sometimes the hot, sunny and arid lands show the helpless and poor condition, while on the other hand, the paintings depicting the ripening season give us a different view. These images majorly show lush greener with acres of ripened lands of cereals. Indian artists have done huge work on this type of art. Almost all artists have at least one painting showing lands of ripened rice or mustard. These paintings are so realistic that it feels like a photograph taken in the villages of Bengal, Punjab, etc.


Another famous Indian Village life art is the paintings of villages drawn to showcase the rainy season. It is often a common scene in our villages when the farmer is rowing this field with bullock carts in the rain or the farmer’s wife is sowing seeds. These basics of Village life are often painted so accurately that it gives the viewer a realistic feel.

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These emotions are similar all over the world. Artist of hotter countries paint the images of their villages and bring forward the various activities of the locals and their livelihood. For the countries that experience snowfall, snow-clad village images are an extremely popular genre. These images are so minutely drawn and coloured that some of them actually runs a chill down the viewer’s spine.

Another important aspect of Village paintings is the use of various types of colours and textures. Villages are an artists paradise. An artist can usually choose colours of various shades to paint the picture of a village. The colour of mother nature gives the artists this freedom. Thus we get to see huge numbers of oil paintings, watercolour paintings, acrylic paintings of Village life and livelihood.

Other than this usual patterns, villages have also been a subject of painting even in the older days. Traditional Indian paintings include a huge collection of such paintings. The painter s of traditional art styles like Tanjore painting, Madhubani paintings and Kalighat painting have used villages and their life pattern as their source of inspiration.

Even today the young as well as established artist practice village life art as one of their major art forms.

We at Exibitart respect this love for our roots. We want to keep this art form alive for generations to come. We understand that painting is not always Gowdy and protestant or rebellious. Sometimes it is a simplicity that works the best. Simplicity can be got nowhere best but the lap of mother nature, in our villages. We thus encourage all our artist to showcase their original Village life paintings throughout the website. We cater to our customers a wide collection of original paintings on trips of Village life for you to choose from.

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