Artists Registration Policy

Terms & Conditions for Artist

 Artist's Role

  1.          For One time Registration go to My account -> Artist Registration
  2.          For uploading Paintings go to My account -> Upload Paintings
  3.          Certain information required are mandatory and are designated with * sign.
  4.          After an initial checked the painting will be published on the website and artist will be intimated  of the same.

  • The artist is required to provide the required details about the art work in true manner so that we can give authentic details about the art work in the website and in return have good customer satisfaction.

  • The artist will provide the price of his painting. The artist is free to take into account his courier charges, tax liabilities (if any). On the price put by artist, adds a percentage as processing charges and then the final price is put on the website.This commission of is for various reasons like GST, maintaining the website, running the business, promotions and not to mention the profit.
  • It is to be understood that photographs that you send will have no re-processing of any form by any software like Photoshop etc., it will also not have any camera effect. It should be a simple good quality photograph of the art work. Any tampering of photograph will mislead the customer and will create false expectation.
  • The image should of bit large file size say at least 2 - 4 MB so that maximum details are fetched. If the uploaded image is not found appropriate then artist may be asked to re-upload photograph. 

  • The artist is allowed to only upload paintings which are created by him, does not hold any copyright on any painting uploaded on its site.
  • In case the painting is a copy painting please mention that in the narration of the painting, does not hold any copyright on any painting uploaded on its site.
  • does not hold any proprietary on your art piece  hence if the art piece is no longer in your possession or sold already then you are requested to intimate us by sms or email so that the concerned art piece can be removed from the store.
  • Please update your communication details and painting details with responsibility from time to time.

Delivery and Payment

  • We are committed to deliver the ordered art piece to customer on time.
  • Once your art piece is sold, Exibitart will contact the concerned artist and shall further guide on packaging and transportation based on the type of order.
  • The artist is eligible to get his payment after seven days of receipt of the art piece by the customer.
  • The artist will get the payment after due deduction of commission charges that includes GST,Packaging etc.
  • More specific details will be received one every upload of art piece to the web site.