Upload Paintings

Terms & Conditions to add Art work *** Please provide correct information on your paintings by filling below form. *** Please upload only those painting details which you can re-paint again and deliver. *** The right to sell the painting else where remains with you, even if it is displayed at our site for sale because you only require to re-paint it if not able to give the 1st copy.

  • format: firstname_place of living_date_001 (sample: vikram_kolkata_01Aug2016_001)
  • Please provide as much as possible relevant description to the painting. (sample: Peacock in a lush green forest welcoming monsoon any special colors or anything that is worth mentioning)
  • sample : Acrylic / oil paint / sketch / water color etc.
  • Fold able Canvas, Wooden board, paper etc
  • Sample : L: 35" X W:25"
  • Excludes packaging cost.
  • L: 40" X W: 30" X T: 2"
  • Please send a good quality JPEG image of the painting. The image will be file size around 2MB – 4MB.Please send the image as an attachment to mailto.exibitart@gmail.com Please use the above code as the image file name. Please do not give any software retouch on the image as it will deviate it from the original.