Forest Painting

 Landscape Of Kohima (Nagaland) - Canvas natures painting

Landscape Of Kohima (Nagaland) - Canvas natures painting

L 34.50 X W 22.50
Oil on Canvas

Name:  Landscape of Kohima, NagalandArtist : Bipul DharMedium: Oil on CanvasSurface: Canva..


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At Exhibitart, we celebrate mother nature. We love promoting and selling forest paintings a lot. We encourage young and experienced artists to indulge more and more in this genre. It takes a lot of effort and visionary to paint this kind of paintings, This is not merely the creative reflection of the artist’s mind. The artist has to take an extra step. As the mass have their own memories of a forest, the artist needs to understand that. He needs to connect his own visionaries with the viewers’ and create the ultimate masterpiece.

Forests paintings can be done on various materials such as canvas, paper or boards, Also they can be acrylic based or oil paintings. The nature and type of paints used are less important as the main focus lies on how the colors are mixed and used to create the right balance. Use of various patterns and textures are also common.

We, at Exhibitart, believe forest paintings have a special ability to calm the disturbed mind and bring people closer to nature. We, thus encourage the artists to dive deep and be more creative to paint the unseen sides of forests, Also out of the box visuals and ideas are welcomed at Exhibit art. These kinds of painting can be placed almost anywhere and everywhere. They immediately brighten up the walls of your bedroom. Living hall or even the conference room.