Journey of Forest Painting

Forests have always been a very favorite destination of travelers. The lush greenery soothes the yes, while the solitude gives a chill down our back. They are also the habitat of a wide range of animals. Let however it be, forests are in one word “beautiful”. The images and visions of once visited forest remains for a long time in our memory. However, forests are rare and cannot be visited regularly. Also, there are various types of forests depending on the geographical region and topography.

A picture that aims to present the various glimpses of forests are known as forest painting. But, a forest painting does not merely mean the picture of some trees and shrubs. It takes a lot more to reflect the beauty of nature on the canvas. The right balance of colors and contrast is extremely important in forest painting to bring out the deeply embedded images of people’s mind.

forest paintings

The journey of forest painting dates back to the era of cavemen, where people used to live in forests and drew images of their surrounding plants and animals on the walls of their caves. With time and civilization, people started modernizing but their love for the forests did not change. We have seen various paintings of forests in the medieval era. They were mainly the ones that were located in between two kingdoms. These included images of dacoits in deep forests. The life of tribals is also at times portrayed in these forest paintings.

Presently, forests paintings have taken a new form. Nowadays this kind of images includes exploration of the unseen and unknown. There are various images focusing on various types of forests like rain-forests, tropical forests etc. These genre of forest paintings are in great demand by the nature lovers.


A big section of forest paintings deals with the wild animals. As they say, animals are best pictured in their natural habitats, these section of forest paintings focus on the natives of the forest.
Pictures of wild animals like tiger, lion, rhinoceros, leopards, zebra etc are drawn in their natural habitat. These paintings are particularly interesting as the nature of forest changes for almost every animal as each has their own individual natural habitat. Also while painting a particular forest these animals and their behaviors play a major role. The animals in the paintings of Amazon forest will vary with the ones of the sub-tropical forest.
Other than wild animals there are also images of forests with birds.
Birds forest paintings are exceptionally beautiful as they not only focus on colorful and exotic birds but also on the trees and plants with various flowers and fruits.
These paintings are a sheer visual treat.


Forests are not only about all things green and nice. They are the home to some of the deepest and darkest mysteries, cruelty and crimes. The same greenery turns to something very spooky once the sun goes down. Dark forest paintings mainly deal with these. They bring forward the face of forests which most of us have not seen and would not like to see. These images are mainly drawn with dark colors like brown and black. They portray a mysterious image, with dim light and a strong storyline. The activity of animals like wolves are common in this type of painting.
However, this genre extends to various other types of paintings too. Sometimes the dusk and evenings in the forests are portrayed and they are simply marvelous. Images of hunting also fall under this category. The play of colors is very important.


At Exhibitart, we celebrate mother nature. We love promoting and selling forest paintings a lot. We encourage young and experienced artists to indulge more and more in this genre. It takes a lot of effort and visionary to paint this kind of paintings, This is not merely the creative reflection of the artist’s mind. The artist has to take an extra step. As the mass have their own memories of a forest, the artist needs to understand that. He needs to connect his own visionaries with the viewers’ and create the ultimate masterpiece.

Forests paintings can be done on various materials such as canvas, paper or boards, Also they can be acrylic based or oil paintings. The nature and type of paints used are less important as the main focus lies on how the colors are mixed and used to create the right balance. Use of various patterns and textures are also common.

We, at Exhibitart, believe forest paintings have a special ability to calm the disturbed mind and bring people closer to nature. We, thus encourage the artists to dive deep and be more creative to paint the unseen sides of forests, Also out of the box visuals and ideas are welcomed at Exhibit art. These kinds of painting can be placed almost anywhere and everywhere. They immediately brighten up the walls of your bedroom. Living hall or even the conference room.
Our artists deliver a wide range of forest paintings of various sizes to suit all your needs.
We believe art is for all. Our wide collection of paintings include paintings of various range and types to suit not only your budget but also your taste and preferences.

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