Guide For Sell Your Art

Guide for upload your art for Sell at Exibitart

We believe in creative as well as financial freedom. The artist is the best person to evaluate his work. He knows the best, how much he deserves for all the hard work he has put in, So just as artists are free to choose their subject of the painting, we let them put up their preferred prices too for selling their paintings.

However, one little thing must always be kept in mind while putting up one’s work for selling. Freedom to put up price does not mean putting up a un-realistic price. An artist must always have a reality check and correct evaluation of his work. He must know the worth and price it accordingly. A novel approached will always be given higher value without a doubt. However, the painting costs should be kept in mind. One’s painting must do justice to the price asked for.

Guide For Sell Your Art

Also, putting up un-realistic prices gets the painting demeaned by art lovers, who have a taste and knowledge of all kinds and qualities of work. This way, the artist will not be able to gain the attention of big art houses and galleries. A good promotion and honest appreciation by experts is always helpful in all phases of an artist-let he or she be established or a beginner.

So the basic guidance for uploading your art for sale at Exibitart is

  • Establish your theme well. Have a clear idea and portray it well through your painting.
  • Put up the desired as well as fair price.
  • Be honest about your work.

Maintaining these few ethics will help you sell your work very fast at Exibitart. Our huge follower of loyal and new customers, who have a taste of art will surely value your imagination and emotions.

Value Of Art in Life

Art and painting is not just splash of color on a piece of paper or board. It is much more than that. We at exibitart , understand that any piece of art is a reflection of the painters thought. It is a medium of expressing the unsaid in a manner, so as to reach the mass. A painting connects in-connected human emotions in the best possible manner.

acrylic painting   

Exibitart has been celebrating art and encouraging its creators for over one decade. Exibitart further aims to be a platform for all budding as well as established painters to showcase their work to the mass. We truly believe in valuing everyone who takes painting seriously. Our motto is to help the painters not only to sell their paintings but also to showcase their work in big houses so that they get benefited in the long run.

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