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Best Paintings Size

What size painting sells the best?

Apart from the genre of painting, painting size is the second most important factor for its sale. Some prefer larger and bigger frames, while some like medium to small frames. It varies from person to person and from purpose to purpose. A painting that would be put up on a big gallery, will look good […]

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religious art painting

Why is religious art important?

Religious Paintings or art is a mirror image of our religion. A religious artist plays a big role to show it in prefect manner and give a prefect image of our religion. I am long runner on this platform. We analyse that the demand of religious painting gradually increase and people are looking for best […]

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What is the meaning of abstract painting?

Abstract Paintings are the combination of color, line, texture, pattern, composition and process which evoke visual delights in Paintings. In abstract art paintings artist use world color and implement own though and make meaningful paintings. It has ability to express the visual though that cannot come out from other paintings

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How to sell paintings for millions

I know you are a good artist but without exploring your art in global market, your brain is in drain so you need to explore it. One good thing for you that you want to explore your art in global market that is why you are at this post. Currently your art is at your […]

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Where to sell expensive paintings?

You are Artist and want to sell your expensive painting but you don’t know where to sell your expensive paintings? . ExibitArt is the best and quickest solution for this. It is a only platform where you can sell your painting free of cost and make money online. Selling painting is a difficult task, especially […]

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