Pichwai is the best traditional Art

India has been a land of traditional art and culture since time immemorial. Among the various forms of indigenous art and painting that has emerged, the ones dealing with religious views and deities has gained immense popularity, both for their spiritualism and aesthetic appeal. Lord Krishna has been an important part of Indian history. He had a major role in Indian epics and Holy books as well. Traditional paintings and art have upheld this history and religion for centuries.

The very art form that portrays the pictures and activities of Lord Krishna, especially with goddess Radha is known as Pichwai. Pichwai art is majorly devotional pictures drawn on art papers or clothes to describe the activities of Lord Krishna. The word originates from the Sanskrit term “pich” which means back and “wais” which is translated as hanging. This concludes the meaning as something hanging in the background.

This art form first originated in the Deccan in the 17th century, when Hindu temples were being destructed during the rule of Aurangzeb. In order to preserve the Hindu culture, Pichwai artists started investing in the creation of Radha Krishna paintings and moved to Rajasthan and thus this kind of art spread all over India.

  • Lord Krishna is one of the most loved and worshiped deities of India. He is mostly worshiped along with Radha. The stories of Krishna and Radha are popularised and spread among the mass by the Pichwai art and paintings.
  • The picture of Baal-Gopal, Vrindavan, Rasaleela, and Dwarkadheesh are the various categories of Pichwai painting.
  • All these categories portray the various life-stages and incidents of the life of Lord Krishna.
  • Ghasi Ram Sharma, Gopilal Sharma, Narottam Narayan Sharma, Kanhaiyalal Sharma, B. G. Sharma, are some of the famous Pichwai artists whose works are world famous.

At exhibit art, we strive to preserve this art form and thus encourage our artists to paint more of such paintings so as to cater to art lovers with a wide variety to select from.

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