Exhibit art offers original paintings for sale of India’s top artist

Exhibit art is a site for art lovers by art lovers. We at exhibit art aim to preserve and bring forward India’s history of art and paintings. We understand that with modernization, Indian paintings are losing its charm these days. However, India holds a prestigious and glorious history from eras. Exhibit art thereby encourages all established and budding artists of the country to come forward with their original paintings.

We have a database of India’s top artist who list their art at ExibitArt gallery. Due to direct connection with artist we are able to sell original art painting at very affordable price. We at exhibit art not only try to establish a common platform for all artists to display their works, but also make it easy for our viewers turn into potential buyers. We have a huge and vivid collection of painting genre including Abstract art, oil paintings, acrylic arts, modern arts and various indigenous art forms.

Our indigenous collections include paintings of Ganesha, Durga paintings, Krishna and pichwai paintings. Other than these we have a special dedicated section for nature and wildlife lovers. Our landscape, forest and animal paintings collections have a lot for you to choose from. All of our artists are Indians. We believe in promoting our traditional cultures directly from their origin. For this, we have many traditional artists who have great expertise and knowledge of Indian cultures and traditional practices.

Exhibit art is a common medium for India’s well known Top artists as well as not so popular but highly expertized artists to display their imaginations and creative excellence.

What About ExibitAt

We at exhibit art understand that many art lovers often cannot bag their favorite painting just for the price tag attached to it. We believe painting is an art and it should not always be judged or appreciated for its monetary value. We believe in aesthetic value addition and not a just monetary transaction. Keeping this in mind, exhibit art offers a sale on its entire painting collection for a limited period of time.

With the season of festivity coming soon, we believe that paintings will act as an excellent gifting option for all occasion. We are thereby slashing the prices of our paintings so as to help you choose the best gifts for your family and friends for the coming Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puga and Diwali.

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