Famous Emotional Paintings Short List

We are Indians and everyone is connected with love and emotion that’s the recession in India the demand of emotional paintings, heart touching paintings or love paintings are more famous. An emotional painting or heart touching painting may describe your behavior or definition of your nature. This definition or behavior comes out from your art […]

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contemporary art painting

How does Contemporary art echo our society?

From time immemorial, art has been an intricate part of human evolution. Art in various forms has been a mirror of the society and life. Paintings have been important shreds of evidence of several historic events as well as the religious belief of kingdoms. Not just historically, art has seldom also been important evidence of […]

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oil painting for master bedroom original

Oil Painting for Master Bedroom

Oil Paintings are the perfect choice for your master bedroom. Master choice is the master interior decorating idea so choose Oil painting from ExibitArt gallery or call us for custom oil painting of Indian famous artists for prefect color combination. ExibitArt is a best platform for finding exclusive art and awarded artist whose arts are […]

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